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Episode 16

Kayl McCann - Lessons from a Lifetime in the Dog World

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Kayl McCann Bio

Kayl McCann is a 21x World Champion at Dog Agility. She has represented Team Canada with 6 different dogs at various World Championships each year since 2004. When she's not training & competing with her own dogs, she & her team run the McCann Dogs Agility Coaching Program. They offer in-person classes, privates and events at their Agility Arena in Flamborough, Ontario. Handlers can also train with Kayl using her Online Coaching Program.

Kayl has grown up in the dog training world, as her parents were two of the top competitive obedience trainers in North America back in the day. They founded McCann Professional Dog Trainers over 40 years ago, and today, it's run by Kayl & her husband, Ken. McCann Dogs offers both in-person and online programs for family dog training, agility, rally and parkour. They've also expanded to have a dog training product line and media company, which is home to 2 podcasts and several YouTube channels with over 1 million subscribers. They have a large team of talented dog trainers who all share the same passion for helping people have a great relationship with their dogs.

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