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Episode 12

Jennifer Crank - Performing Under Pressure in Dog Agility

World-class agility competitor Jennifer Crank joins me on The Kathy Keats show to talk about performing consistently under pressure, the importance of focus, training for quality, and how she keeps agility in perspective. Learn more about Jennifer and how to contact her below.

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Jennifer has won every major agility competition in the United States, including the AKC National Agility Championship, the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster, USDAA Cynosport’s Grand Prix, Cynosport’s Steeplechase, Cynosport’s Biathlon, and UKI’s U.S. Open Masters Heats. Internationally, she is the only American to earn 3 different overall individual medals at the FCI Agility World Championship.

As an instructor, she has been teaching agility for almost twenty years. She loves it when her students do well in the ring but the most rewarding part of teaching for Jennifer are the shared moments of insight on the training field—those “light bulb” moments where the handler and dog figure something out. 

You can find Jennifer online at baddogagility.com.

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